Solvay Library Re-Opening

Starting Monday, March 22, Solvay Public Library will be back open to the public our normal hours 7 days a week! This is for browsing, studying or computer use. Both the main and handicap entrances will be open for patrons to use. Per state, county and village mandates, masks are required for entry, no exceptions. If you do not wish to enter the building, takeout is still available upon request. Our maximum capacity is 25 people. Overdue fees will still not be accrued, but if you have excessive fees for items not returned, you must pay at least 10% to take items out. If you return the items, the replacement costs will be waived.


The same takeout rules apply, just call us to let us know when you want to pick-up your items, then either enter the back, handicap entrance and hit the buzzer to let us know you’re there or call us to bring you your items. Takeout will end a half hour before closing time every day.

Item Returns

Patrons are still encouraged to use the outside book drop, but can return items into the book slot at the front desk of the library. Returned items must still be quarantined by the library for 4 days, so they will not immediately taken off the patron’s card. Don’t worry, overdue fees will not be given.

Patron Donations

We will once again be accepting donations! If you have any books or dvds in good shape you would like to donate for our collection or future book sales, please call us to let us know and we will make accommodations for you to drop them off. NO encyclopedias, textbooks or reference materials. Please do not just leave boxes of books by the doors or drop box of the library.

Meetings or Room Reservations

We still cannot allow room reservations or public events at this time.

Rapid Reads and Fast Flicks

Our 7 day Rapid Read books and 3 day Fast Flick dvds are back! Want the newest book or dvd? Stop in and maybe you’ll be lucky and find them, these items cannot be placed on hold.