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Board of Directors

The Solvay Public Library is governed by seven trustees appointed by the Village of Solvay Mayor. Library terms last five years. Persons interested in becoming a trustee should submit a letter of interest to the President, Board of Trustees, addressed to the library.

The Library Trustees meet the second Monday of the month at 6p.m. These are open, public meetings, as required by New York State Open Meeting Laws. Changes in meeting times are posted on the Library’s online calendar. Approved minutes of Library Board meetings are located in the library’s reference area and are submitted to the Village Board liaison.

Solvay Public Library Board of Trustees:

  • President: Rosemarie Novembrini
  • Members: Inga Barnello, Kathy Marinelli Brouse, Michele Fernandez, Mary Kocher, Carole Marascalchi, and Gail Moyer.

Library Bylaws

Annual Report

Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State