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Patron Conduct

The Solvay Public Library is a public institution that strives to create an environment suitable for reading, study, and activities relating to library programs and other community activities.

To promote this goal, the Board of Trustees of the Solvay Public Library has adopted the following rules governing the use of the Library:

  1. Patrons must respect the rights of other patrons and staff at all times.
  2. Patrons must not disturb others by engaging in disruptive behavior.
  3. Patrons must not interfere with an employee’s performance of his or her duties. Proscribed behavior includes, but is not limited to, verbal abuse, offensive gestures, threats of violence, sexual harassment, downloading, storing, printing or any public display of illegal material or any material which interferes with the activities of library staff or patrons.
  4. The use of electronic equipment which may disturb other patrons is prohibited in the public areas of the Library. This includes, but is not restricted to cell phones, audio equipment, and electronic games.
  5. Patrons will not engage in any illegal activity on the library premises.
  6. Solicitation of funds, distribution of literature, or sale of goods is forbidden, except by the permission of the Library Administrator.
  7. Use of tobacco products in the library is forbidden.
  8. Shoes and shirts are required of all patrons entering the building.
  9. Animals may not be brought into the Library unless they are required by a disabled person, or it is a certified service animal, or are part of an authorized library program.
  10. Library materials must not be damaged or defaced intentionally by marking, underlining, removing pages, or portions of pages, using paper clips or removing bindings. Patrons must not damage or deface library furnishings, equipment or facilities.
  11. Library materials and property may not be removed from the building without proper checkout or authorization.
  12. Library materials may not be taken into restrooms.
  13. Parents are responsible for overseeing the selection and use of materials of their own children, and for their children’s use of computer equipment and software within the library.
  14. Patrons are solely responsible for their personal property while at the library.
  15. The Library supports the Library Bill of Rights, as adopted by the American Library Association.
  16. The Library supports the Freedom to Read as adopted by the American Library Association. Copies are available upon request.

Patrons in violation of the above rules may be removed from the library. Repeated violations may result in the revocation of library privileges. The proper authorities will be notified when necessary to enforce the above rules, preserve the proper environment and insure the safety of Library patrons.

Adopted by the Solvay Public Library Board of Trustees on April 9, 2001.

Public comments and complaints regarding this policy should be addressed in writing to a member of the Board of Trustees, in care of the Director of the Library. The Trustees will review letters of complain within 60 days and will respond in writing.