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Borrowing Policies

Here are some details about membership in our library system and this library’s specific circulation procedures:

  1. You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card. Parents and guardians of minors are responsible for materials borrowed on their children’s cards. Change of address or a lost or stolen card should be reported to the library immediately.
  2. Your library card can be used at any of the city branches or suburban libraries in Onondaga County. Some library policies and fees vary between libraries.
  3. Most materials are loaned for 3 weeks. Your receipt shows the dates items are due.
  4. You can renew materials. If there is no other request for the title, the materials will be renewed.
    There is a limit of two renewals on most library materials.
  5. Lost library materials borrowed from one county library may be returned to any other Onondaga County public library. Some exceptions include electronic devices and short term book and dvd loans.
  • Most items do not have overdue charges, but if they are not returned within 60 days of the due date, you will be charged the replacement cost of the item. Overdue charges vary for different libraries.
  • Chromebook Tech Packs and Park Passes still have overdue fees of $1 per day when returned late.
  • OCPL sends overdue notices as a courtesy, but no bills for fines and charges.
    Borrowers will be charged the cost of replacing lost or damaged items
  • All overdue library accounts in the amount of $50 or more will be referred to a collection agency. A service charge of $10 is applied to each account submitted for collection.
  • If an item is declared lost or stolen and the replacement cost is then paid for by the patron, no refund will be given if the item is found. The paid for item now belongs to the patron.
  • 6. Accounts with replacement costs of over $20 will not be allowed to check out materials unless items are brought back or paid for.

    7. Your library record is confidential. We cannot tell your family what you have checked out. Ask library staff about our “Associations” feature.

    Adopted by the Solvay Public Library Board of Trustees on January 8, 2024.