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Solvay Process Room Finding Aid

1) Introduction

a) Edward Trump Early History of Solvay Process (book)
2) Policies
Information Request Form
Photograph Use Policy
c) Research Fee Policy

Early view of Solvay Process with Onondaga Lake in the background.

3) Solvay Process Collection

Diagrams & Maps

Pamphlet Boxes


4) Solvay Process Collection – Technical Reports
5) Inventory of materials microfilmed in 1992
6) List of Solvay Process Collection books sold in 1996
7) Related Collections in the archive
a) Solvay Guild (1940-1965)
b) Devoe, Construction Engineer
c) Halpins, Administrative Assistant & Advertising
d) Lewis, Union Representative
e) Marcellus, Communications Supervisor
8.) List of serials & newsletters in the Solvay Process Collection
9) List of digitized items available on the Internet
10) List of related organizations
11) Local Newspaper Articles