Crafting with Carolyn

Although you cannot come into the library for our normal Friday Crafts, do not worry, we have Virtual Crafts with our new Crafting with Carolyn program! Every Tuesday, check our website and Facebook pages for a new video where Carolyn walks you through a fun and unique craft you can do from home! Join the fun, get creative and don’t forget to send us pictures of your crafts on Facebook to share!

Craft 1 – Flowers

Craft 2 – Caterpillars

Craft 3 – Fish

Craft 4 – Alligators

Craft 5 – Rocket Ships

Craft 6 – Safari Binoculars

Craft 7 – Monster Bookmarks

Craft 8 – Light-up Fireflies

Craft 9 -Pencil Holder

Craft 10 – Salt Paintings

Craft 11 – Fall Leaf Magnet

Craft 12 – Halloween Monster Tubes

Craft 13 – Slime

Craft 14- Ultimate Halloween Treats

Craft 15 – Popsicle Stick Scarecrows

Craft 16 – Paper Owls