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Fines and Fees Policy

Solvay Public Library will no be charging overdue fees items returned late until further notice. One exception is park passes: the daily overdue charge for county and state park passes will be $1/day. We have also decided not to charge daily overdue charges for Rapid Reads or Fast Flicks; however, if a patron is abusing their privileges with Rapid Read books and videos (keeping them overdue, returning them to another library, etc), they can be banned from checking any more Rapid Read items out.

Once an item has reached its due date, a 1st overdue notification is sent to the patron 10 days after the due date. Seventeen days after the original due date a 2nd overdue notification is sent to the patron. Thirty days after the original due date, it will now be changed to LOST and a bill generated. If a long overdue item is brought in, we will waive the fines, as our goal is to get the item back. If a patron is abusing this policy, we can still charge extra fines and/or suspend privileges if an individual is causing problems.

Once a patron’s account has reached 100 dollars and the last delinquent fine is 14 days old, the patron’s record will be sent to UMS collection agency. A $10 charge will be applied to their account. Right now, the UMS collection fee will not affect the credit score of a patron; however, that might change, and we should advise patrons to clear their accounts as soon as possible.

A patron with charges for lost or stolen items or collection fees on their account will not be able to continue to check out items until the items are brought back or replaced or the fine is paid.