Young residents get a kick out of the Solvay Kiddie Parade

Incorporated in on May 15, 1894, the Village of Solvay is home to 6,584 residents (2010 census). Located in the heart of Onondaga County, by Onondaga Lake, and near the intersection of major Interstates, the Village maintains a small town feeling with a distinct heritage.

If you are interested in village life and local government, you may fine these websites of interest:

Onondaga County Sustainable Development Plan which encourages Villages as hubs of community and sustainable living.

New York Council of Mayors is a resource for local government trustees and advocate for town and village living.

“Strictly Solvay – Recollections about Solvay and newspaper clippings.

Solvay High School students learned village history from the Bluebook.
The Solvay “Bluebook” has recently been updated and reprinted. It is on sale at the library.