Environmental Groups in Central New York.

Onondaga Lake Partnership. promotes cooperation among Federal, State, and local governments, and other involved parties in the management of the environmental issues of Onondaga Lake and Onondaga Lake watershed in Syracuse, New York. Has some good links and a history of Onondaga Lake.

Atlantic States Legal Foundation (ASLF)
was established in 1982 to provide affordable legal, technical and organi­zational assistance to individuals, community groups, and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), as a way to effectively remediate threats to the natural environment.

Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board Stormwater Program

Honeywell’s Onondaga Lake Initiatives gives updates on the remediation progress.  Honeywell is now the name of Allied Chemical, formerly Solvay Process Company.

New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

Onondaga County Lake Improvement Project of the Department of Water Environment Protection

Onondaga County"Save the Rain" project educates the public about stormwater damage to the Lake.

Onondaga Environmental Institute is a non-profit organization whosemission is to advance environmental research, education, planning, and restoration in Central New York. OEI fulfills its mission by bringing a unique dual capability to environmental projects. OEI either implements applied aspects of environmental projects – or supports and facilitates the work of other organizations in a management/ administration role.

Onondaga Lake Superfund Site

SUNY Environmental School of Forestry willow biomass project

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Listing of water related national organizations and publications.